• Biometric API
    Our biometric API is used with our Mobile app, but is also available to businesses that require biometric front end to their secure services either on line or on a mobile device.
  • Mobile Biometric App
    Our Biometric app can be white labelled for businesses to secure their clients and their AML, KYC,KYP, KYB documentation. CrossVerify also provides Mobile app solutions tied to our biometrics for business that need to combine services such as remittance, insurance, and other cross sectorial businesses that require authentication and verification.
  • Peripherals
    CrossVerify and our partners provide peripheral solutions such as iris scanner or fingerprint scanner for companies, regions and governments where biometrics is unavailable but are required.
  • Cross Terminal
    The CrossVerify Web Terminal provides the capability for businesses to bulk load their AML, KYC, KYP, and KYB (or other) critical identity documentation for their clients and immediately be able to provide a biometric app for their clients mobile creating an instant authentication process for their compliance, and for cross selling, via authentication and verification to other businesses.
  • Block Chain Trust Utility
    CrossVerify's Blockchain Trust utility works in tandem with the CrossVerify terminal, and mobile app to establish an immediate process of Trust between a business’ clients, critical identity documentation, security and cross-scalability.
  • Blockchain Data Insurance
    CrossVerify and its partners uniquely provide insurance on the value of data held over a blockchain.
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    "This insurance is full underwritten by a Lloyd's of London Syndicate insurer. For more information please contact [email protected] providing the following minimum details: Server regional locations; # of servers/nodes; expected volumes of transactions /documents to be held over our/your blockchain solution; and expected value of transactions/ documents to be held over our/your blockchain solution."